The Young Lady in The Train, The Young Man on The Platform

The heavy feelings from earlier are still there, floating around the two of them. The young lady in the train, the young man on the platform. The young man awaits with puzzled look as the girl turns to him. Just a few seconds before the door slams shut.

“Aren’t you going to get a girlfriend like him?” she asks.

Taken aback from the question, his eyes wide awake. A short silence fills in as he thinks deep into her eyes in solemn stare.

“I don’t fall in love that easily,” he answers eventually, smiling in a way as if he’s laughing at none other but himself.

She nods to his answer and the door slams shut. They both stare at each other until the train starts to move, separating them yet again one possibility away.


I’m quoting this because it’s taken from my current work. I personally love this scene so I tried to translate it into English. Sounds meh, but why not?

Beautiful photo by Ferran Fusalba Roselló. (cropped by me)