Not Even Halfway

Hey, I’m not even halfway there, yet the sky has started collapsing. The ground under my feet feels weird. It’s not even solid. I might get drown from not striding.

Hey, I’m not even halfway there, yet the road has been so hard to travel. The obstacles force my restraint to go unstable. Makes me longing for miracle. I might slip hard from not being intractable.

Hey, I’m not even halfway there, yet I’ve been thinking to stop walking. The struggles I preserve start missing. No longer hold meaning. I might disappear from crying.

The poor soul can’t travel with ease.

Traveling the bumpy road all alone under endless laugh and pity,

Toward the not-yet-exist future,

I drag my feet.

I risk it all.

Self Reminder

Be positive

Be cheerful

Be certain

Keep the flames staying ablaze

If it dies somehow, light it up

Let it burn the whole things

If everyone quit the minute things got hard,

nobody would ever get anywhere

I know you

Pessimistic with big dream

Hard-headed idealistic

An insignificant entity filled with burning passion

In the world full of normies

You’re longing to be the different

You’re seeking to break the usual

You’re heading to a place where no one’s headed to

You’re left alone with your strong principles

Think of what you’re always believing in

Your efforts won’t betray you

Keep believing

For you want to be different

For you’re going to a place where no one’s headed to

The journey won’t be easy

Countless obstacles will be there

But it will worth to travel

For you will be the only victor






The picture is taken from

The Young Lady in The Train, The Young Man on The Platform

The heavy feelings from earlier are still intact as they stand. The young lady in the train, the young man on the platform. The young man awaits with puzzled look as the girl turns to him. The door is about close.

“Aren’t you going to get a girlfriend like him?” she asks.

He is taken aback from the question. There’s a short silence as the man is thinking into her eyes in solemn stare. “I don’t fall in love that easily,” he says, smiling in a way as if he’s laughing at none other but himself.

She nods to his answer and the door is closed. They both stare at each other until the train starts to move, separating them again one life away.


I’m quoting this because it’s taken from my current work. I personally love this scene so I tried to translate it into English. Sounds meh, but why not?