Trigger warning: violence, blood, gore (a little?)

If you’re not a fan of those, just scroll down to the next post. This is a short reading, but I’m still putting it under the read more. If you’re a fan and okay with it, maybe … take a lil peek? It’s not that scary. I promise you.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 32 seconds. Contains 1308 words.

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Untitled: Chapter 01 (2)

“We’re here, Eve.”

Evelyn lifted her gaze to the voice of her manager, barely realized the car had stopped moving. Behind the wheel, Nelson Han unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. Blinking away the boredom out of her mind, she followed him not long after. Grabbing her tablet and fur coat in one swoop, she got out from the comfort and stepped right into the coldness. A strong familiar atmosphere of the ongoing autumn wrapped her like a blanket. She shivered both in cold and amazement.Read More »

Untitled: Chapter 01 (1)

The pressing need to hang an announcement board around her neck re-emerged into mind. Clawing its way to make it known amidst the ocean of pressing needs and wants. She didn’t brush it off like the last time. More like she gave it a thought, wondering what kind of sentence she would’ve wrote on the board. Probably something like suck it peeps, I’m done for the day, please return at working hours or be civilized, people, I’m not your favorite person to get her patience running off. Whichever was fine, really. She never wanted the day her idea morphed into reality to come anyway.

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The routine is killing him.

Realization hits him as he soaring through the sidewalk packed with other lifeless beings. He, along with them, drag their feet with certain destinations in mind, yet they have no power on disobeying nor altering. He blames the system outside. The stigmas. The rules. Something unseen created by human themselves, limiting their own freedom. It moves their bodies, tainting from their life and death to day-to-day decisions.Read More »