Trigger warning: violence, blood, gore (a little?)

If you’re not a fan of those, just scroll down to the next post. This is a short reading, but I’m still putting it under the read more. If you’re a fan and okay with it, maybe … take a lil peek? It’s not that scary. I promise you.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 32 seconds. Contains 1308 words.

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It’s Not That Easily to Build

Most of the time, it’s tiring just being in the same room with him. Hearing him talk. Watching him moving around. Witnessing his eventful day. The misunderstanding also happens too frequent. Here and there. Funny to painful. Now they always manage to find a way to laugh it off or talk it out, but it was so frustrating for the two of them back then. It gave them a whole night or more of pondering what they’d said and done to each other. The misunderstanding was mostly fixed from the constant effort of each person never stop learning about the other. Back and forth. Understanding and forgiving. Now that they know each other better than the back of their own hands, the act of dropping ego happens naturally.


Just another small excerpt of my current work. The never-ending work. Gotta love the journey.

Untitled: Chapter 01 (2)

“We’re here, Eve.”

Evelyn lifted her gaze to the voice of her manager, barely realized the car had stopped moving. Behind the wheel, Nelson Han unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. Blinking away the boredom out of her mind, she followed him not long after. Grabbing her tablet and fur coat in one swoop, she got out from the comfort and stepped right into the coldness. A strong familiar atmosphere of the ongoing autumn wrapped her like a blanket. She shivered both in cold and amazement.Read More »

Untitled: Chapter 01 (1)

The pressing need to hang an announcement board around her neck re-emerged into mind. Clawing its way to make it known amidst the ocean of pressing needs and wants. She didn’t brush it off like the last time. More like she gave it a thought, wondering what kind of sentence she would’ve wrote on the board. Probably something like suck it peeps, I’m done for the day, please return at working hours or be civilized, people, I’m not your favorite person to get her patience running off. Whichever was fine, really. She never wanted the day her idea morphed into reality to come anyway.

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I am

I am a series of words
Hold no soul.
Grip on self.

I am a whirlwind of emotions.
Born from turbulence.
Hold no core.

I am a series of thoughts.
Where’s the escape?
Where’s the embrace?
Tell me.

I am a series of words.
Lose its value.
A history.

I am a gaping hole.
Heal me.

January Writing Prompts: ‘Hangover’

There were three big reasons why he avoided drinking. First, the damn hangover. He could never get used to the sharp banging pain in his head that lasts for a whole day—he never wanted to. Second, he didn’t remember a single thing after the first gulp. As soon as consciousness hit him, he felt anxious as fuck for whatever was coming for the last night drunk act—whether he killed a random stray cat or declared war to neighbor country. And third, had to hear an earful nagging while having the hangover, which was worst of all. He barely woke up a few seconds ago, but the hammering sensation in his head already hoarded him like a pack of wolves. He whined—which he regretted in no time as any kind of sound including his own voice worsening the pain—and peeked through his half-opened eyes to find out who the hell opened the damn curtain. A figure of thin petite girl in an oversized sweater loomed over him. She crossed her arms and stared down with the usual even countenance. Thank God it was her, versus, oh no it was her.Read More »